Mississippi River Water Trail

Nature is only a paddle away!

About Us

Paddling provides numerous health and fitness benefits including: overall body toning, weight loss, strength, flexibility, and stress reduction.  It is easy on joints and allows an individual to increased their endurance and stamina.  Paddling is a great aerobic workout and makes your heart and circulatory system stronger.   


The Mississippi River Water Trail Association (MRWTA) was established through the American Canoe Association to support and enhance the Mississippi River Water Trail and encourage community involvement.  

The MRWTA showcases the Mississippi river as a paddling destination rich with cultural heritage, wildlife, natural areas, and history.  The MRWTA promotes and encourages afe paddling oppportunities on the Mississippi River.  Volunteers provide support by maintaining trail rest areas, primitive campsites, and facilities to ensure quality recreational opportunities for paddlers.

The MRWTA promotes safety awareness and provides activities, events, and educational opportunities.  The MRWTA also facilitates collaboration with communities, organizations, and agencies to foster sound safety and conservation practices along the river.   

Paddle Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

FACT: Kayak moving about 5 mph, requires about 0.1 hp of effort which will burn about 400 calories per hour; four hours of paddling is going to burn about 1,600 calories! Source: www.kayaklakemead.com